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Motor Control Centre

A Motor Control Centre (MCC) is a centralised solution for controlling and managing multiple electrical motors in an industrial or commercial setting. It serves as the nerve centre for motor control, offering an organised and secure environment for monitoring and operating various motors within a facility.

motor control

Advantages of MCCs

Centralised Control

MCCs offer a centralised approach to motor control, allowing operators to manage multiple motors from a single location. This simplifies the monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting processes.

Improved Safety

With built-in protection devices, MCCs enhance the safety of motor operations. They help prevent overloads, short circuits, and other electrical faults that could potentially lead to accidents or damage.

Space Efficiency

By consolidating motor control equipment into one MCC panel, valuable floor space is saved. This is particularly beneficial in facilities with limited space for electrical equipment.

Ease of Maintenance

MCCs are designed for easy maintenance and repairs. When a motor needs attention, it can be quickly accessed and serviced without affecting the operation of other motors within the system.


MCCs are built to withstand demanding industrial environments, ensuring reliable and continuous motor control operations. They are designed to handle high electrical loads and provide long-lasting performance.

SM Electrical Manufacturing have successfully tested to the requirements of AS61439 : 2016 including: