SM Electrical Manufacturing

Mick Taylor

Mick family pic Brooke Page

We had agreed we wanted to create our own business together and we were looking for opportunities. When COVID hit in early 2020, work slowed for myself, Bras and I caught up for a Coffee, we discussed our plans and decided on the spot “let’s start a switchboard business”. With no regard of the global pandemic, I sat down with Stace and two days later over a glass of wine and a beer, we created the company.

We really wanted to create a workplace with an amazing culture, flexibility and, most importantly, family friendly. We wanted SM to be a place that we love to come to each day and so anyone who works with us will love it too. As a result, the quality of people we have, and their incredible output has made it all possible. We were wanting to instil a culture-based workplace but it’s the amazing team we have that make it reality.

From a manufacturing view, our goal was always to invest in the best equipment and utilise technology to make all our roles easier. From CNC machinery to 3D sheetmetal design reducing physical labour and allowing our talented electricians to focus on what they do best.

Outside of work I love spending time with my beautiful family. Stace, Lila, Sonny and I love to get away in our caravan and just relax with a beer somewhere near the coast. I love a nice craft beer and our favourite thing to do is just relax, at home, on our back deck enjoying some drinks, while the kids run around and swim in the pool.  

I love watching sports like Football, NRL, Cricket and love a good day of Horse Racing as well have having a bit of a run around on the football field, now playing Over 35’s for the mighty Barnsley Bulldogs, where I am life member.