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Distribution Board

A distribution board plays a crucial role in safely distributing electrical power within a building or structure. It acts as a centralised hub, connecting the main power supply to various circuits and electrical devices throughout the premises

distribution board

The primary functions of a distribution board are as follows

Power Distribution

Distribution boards effectively distribute electrical power from the main power supply to various circuits and sub-circuits within a building. This allows for convenient control and isolation of power to individual areas or appliances.

Electrical Safety

One of the paramount roles of distribution boards is to ensure electrical safety. Circuit breakers and RCDs within the board protect against overloading, short circuits, and earth leakage faults, preventing potential electrical hazards.

Modularity and Flexibility

Distribution boards are designed with modularity in mind, allowing for easy expansion and customisation. Additional circuit breakers and other protective devices can be added or replaced as per the specific requirements of the electrical system.

Identification and Control

Proper labelling and organisation of circuits within a distribution board enable easy identification and control of power supply to different areas or appliances. This simplifies troubleshooting and maintenance tasks.

Monitoring and Management

Advanced distribution boards may incorporate digital displays or smart features that allow for real-time monitoring of electrical parameters such as voltage, current, and power consumption. This facilitates efficient energy management and helps identify any abnormalities or inefficiencies.

SM Electrical Manufacturing have successfully tested to the requirements of AS61439 : 2016 including: