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Frequently Asked Questions


Main Switchboards are the central units in electrical distribution systems. They manage the flow of electricity across various sectors of a facility. Their key functions include efficient distribution of power, fault detection and isolation using circuit breakers, managing electrical loads to prevent overloading, and ensuring overall electrical safety through various protective devices.

Our Main Switchboards are meticulously engineered for optimal efficiency and safety. They incorporate advanced circuit breakers and protective devices to manage and protect against electrical faults. Their design prioritises ease of operation and maintenance, with clear labeling and accessible configurations. Safety is further enhanced through compliance with stringent electrical standards, ensuring they meet the highest levels of reliability and performance.

Control Panels are essential in industrial and commercial electrical systems. They are enclosures that contain electrical components for operation, monitoring, and protection of electrical equipment. Their primary function is to control and manage electrical power distribution, ensuring smooth functioning. They also house protective devices like circuit breakers and fuses to detect and prevent electrical faults.

Our Control Panels are designed with cutting-edge technology. They feature intuitive interfaces for easy monitoring and control, and are equipped with smart systems for automated management of electrical functions. These panels can integrate with various types of machinery and systems, providing versatility in application. Additionally, they are built to be robust and reliable, ensuring longevity and consistent performance under various operational conditions.

A distribution board is a vital element in managing and protecting a building’s electrical system, ensuring the safe and efficient distribution of electricity to various parts of the facility.

Our Distribution Boards are central to effective power management and safety in any facility. They are configured for optimal distribution of power to various circuits, reducing the risk of overload and electrical hazards. Each board is equipped with advanced circuit breakers and RCDs for immediate fault detection and interruption. We also offer customisation options to meet specific industry needs, including boards with enhanced weatherproofing or additional safety features.

Meter Panels play a crucial role in measuring the amount of electricity flowing into a building. They provide accurate readings of electrical energy consumption, which is vital for both the utility company and the property owner in tracking and managing electricity usage.

MCCs offer centralised control of multiple electrical motors, enhancing safety with built-in protection devices, and improving space efficiency. They simplify maintenance and repairs, and are designed to withstand demanding industrial environments, ensuring reliable and continuous motor operation.

Our products undergo rigorous testing and certification processes to ensure compliance with national and international standards. This includes mechanical and thermal endurance tests, dielectric properties evaluation, short circuit withstand testing, and ingress protection (IP) rating assessments.

We adhere to AS61439 : 2016 standards, ensuring that each product meets stringent criteria for safety, durability, and performance. Our products are tested to meet AS61439 : 2016 standards. This includes tests for mechanical impact (IK07), resistance to corrosion, temperature rise, short circuit withstand, and IP rating (IP56). These rigorous standards ensure that our products are reliable, durable, and safe.