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Main Switchboard

In the world of electrical distribution, a main switchboard plays a pivotal role. It serves as the central nerve system, coordinating the flow of electricity to different areas of a building or facility. Think of it as the command centre that directs electricity to different areas, powering lights, equipment, appliances, and more.
main switchboard

Main switchboards serve several crucial purposes

Electrical Distribution

They efficiently distribute power to different areas of a building, allowing for the operation of lights, HVAC systems, machinery, and other electrical devices.

Fault Detection and Isolation

By utilising circuit breakers and other protective devices, main switchboards detect faults and isolate affected circuits. This minimises downtime and improves overall system reliability.

Electrical Load Management

Main switchboards provide a centralised platform to monitor and manage electrical loads. This allows facility managers to balance the load, avoid overloading circuits, and optimise energy usage.

Electrical Safety

With various safety features and protective devices in place, main switchboards help prevent electrical accidents and ensure compliance with electrical safety standards.

SM Electrical Manufacturing have successfully tested to the requirements of AS61439 : 2016 including: